Monday, October 17, 2011

Ode to Ontario (and Spirit)

Back in Vancouver on a brisk but surprisingly sunny day I have had time to sit and reflect on all the amazing, frightening, uplifting things that I got to experience while cooking in the woods in North Western Ontario. Ontario was an amazing surprise! Huge lakes, rocky hills, big trees with incredible colour changing leaves and hot hot days. I absolutely recommend to everyone that you should go and check out this part of our amazing country. It will be a delightful discovery I am sure!

 But now I can not stop giggling at how spirit works in us. To give me this opportunity to shift and release in a place that promoted my healing a thousand fold in comparison to staying here in Vancouver and giving me a substantial amount of money to go out and walk my path to Africa. It is hard to find words for all that I experienced and all the lessons learned. I had many realizations about my own fears; completely ridiculous unsubstantiated fears of bears in the woods and crazy men hiding out in the cabin waiting to do terrible things to me. My shadow popped up at all times and in many corners to stop me from progressing on my path and I now am able to hold it and give it the love and compassion I would give another person who had suffered hurts and pushed away their pain. I have looked the anger I have carried for others and questioned its rationale. I feel lighter and as the cosmos whirl faster and we are shifting to a new better truth filled existence I am feeling more prepared.

Another gift spirit gave me one day as I sat on the deck sipping my tea and checking my emails was a visit from a lynx. It was a beautiful sunny morning around 11am and out of the bushes directly in front of me walks out this beautiful strong wild creature. She stood at the edge of the bushes and looked around not noticing me until I said “hello beautiful” to her. And then she looked at me with the intense eyes peering into my being she stood and looked and after what seemed ages she began to walk around the side of the deck. In a sudden panic I got up and ran inside fearing she would come up on the deck but of course she did not and my fears had tricked me once again. Later in reading more about the Lynx, I discovered how very rare they are and how much rarer it is to actually see one in the open and for you to have minutes to connect with it. The totem of the Lynx is that of the keeper of secrets, being able to move precisely and stealthily it can watch the world and see what is truly there and not what people try to show. I immediately connected with this totem from my own experience in the woods and of my life in general. She stood there looking through the fears and beckoned me to tell the truth, my truth, the whole truth. She also reminded me how when I am still and take time to listen I also know the secrets of the world.

At the end of it all I was very ready to go and so thankful I went. Being able to cook everyday, creating delicious edibles makes me super happy, Spending time alone listening to the trees and the birds, Jumping on the trampoline and run about like phoebe from Friends ;),  Enjoying 27c weather, basking in the sun, swimming in the lake, enjoying a late night sauna, baking bread and having time to concoct my plan.

So here it is as it stands at the moment. I am returning to Mama Africa and don’t know when I will be back. I starting off with a visit to Calgary to welcome a beautiful new babe into the world, then off to Spain with Ashley to study flamenco, eat tapas, look at Gaudi’s creations and hopefully hang out with the gypsies, then we are off to Morocco to get scrubbed in the Hammam, drink mint tea, work on some organic farms and venture with the nomads. At this point I will bid Ashley adieu and fly to Kenya to travel to a farm on Mfafango island on lake Victoria lead by where I will work on their demo farm and help train youth in sustainability. Then I am off to Tanzania to visit my friends and to work with an orphanage and the Tanzanian scouts association. This will take me to Malawi and where I will stay and do a more intensive training on their farm. From there who knows, but I know it will all work out in divine order.

Much love light and laughter to your all

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