Monday, June 15, 2009

The obsessive journey forward through the mind

As it happens to all, perhaps not as often as i however. I did begin to get bored once again by the monotonous routine that is a 9-5 job. Yes the children make it a little more thrilling, but after three months of no really holiday you just start to go a little nuts and lose all creative direction. In order to prevent myself from going totally mental, i immersed myself in my next adventure a sure fire way to keep me motivated.

So i delved into India head first. I spent a good month plus spending every extra moment finding out info on India. I read books, watched movies, listened to music, did yoga, surfed the net. I attempted to consume the history, cultures, schools, dances, airlines of India. By the end of it all, I am feeling much more prepared for India and i have found cheap ass flights to Seoul, Delhi and London and a wonderful school for Caitriona and i to go and study massage at.

Now that i have our tickets and our visas are in the mail, my ever buzzing brain has moved onto new things; dance and preparing to leave this home of mine.

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