Monday, June 15, 2009

It'a been a long time coming

I know it has been a torturously long time since i last wrote and i am sure whoever is readying this has been missing me all the more. So here you are i will attempt to write some of what has happened in the past five months.

On return from my great adventure in South East Asia i must say life was a little sad and the fact i had to return to cold weather and work did not help. Fortunately for me i only actually had to work for a little over a week and then got three more weeks off. That made a whopping eight weeks of winter vacation, Yippee!!!! My return to school was actually quite enjoyable i had missed my kids and i was now rejuvenated and had been teaching long enough to truly feel comfortable. So i fell into teaching like it was an old glove and it has been quite fun this semester.

The weather managed to warm up quickly and the cherry blossoms and flora and fauna have been on a never ending reproductive cycle since march. The island feels so full of life and actually sub-tropical now. I have been riding my scooter more and more and going on random adventures all over the place.

I spent children's day long weekend in hamdeok at Laurie and landis's which was a lovely break from the usual routine. We went to the beach, watched girly movies, ate delicious food. It was a real girl's weekend. There have also been some bonfires on the beach. Beltane by far being the best fire, drumming, wine and my fire hoops debut on Jeju. It filled me with so much energy. I was truly connected to the earth and all on it.

The whole spring here has been spectacular and i can understand why people choose to renew. But that is not my path.

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