Monday, November 14, 2011

London Calling

Waking up from a rather uncomfortable sleep on a decent British airways flight I felt washed clean, as if crossing the ocean had taken all my sadness and fear of leaving and loosing my grandmother away. After all how can one be sad in London on a sunny day where you find yourself surrounded by the entire British police force outside the bank of England because of some student protests. Well this is where Ashley and I found ourselves in an attempt to find meet our airbnb hostess near her work. For being stuck in a place for over an hour you really could not have picked a better one. Finally after realizing we were dialling the number wrong and our hostess obviously had not received our email we tracked her down through the kind help of a WWF canvasser. We were swept onto another tube and off to Harringay to a cute little apartment and a comfy bed which Ashley immediately dove into. However, her peaceful little nap was not long as we were to go and meet a very old friend of mine, Rene. When we arrived at russell square tube there he was with my lifesaver bottle which had just arrived that day. We wondered oxford street and Soho, chatting away and finally settle on a cute pizzeria where we had some amazing pizza and wine. After catching up we journeyed back out on to the street into Piccadilly circus and all the lights and found a lovely pub with a George Orwell bar (still not sure what that was about) and enjoyed a pint of fine English Ale. By this time the booze and food had definitely made us sleepy and so we journeyed to our flat and slept straight through the night.

The next morning we were regretting our decision to stay only one night in London as we had slept in and had to run around to get some food and try to make it to catch the train, to catch the bus, to catch the bus to Amsterdam. Little did we know that when we reached the airport our reservation could not be found because I had booked it for the day before, oops!! As you may know I do not like to admit my mistakes and after wishing I had not agreed to go to Amsterdam I was just a little peeved, especially since the price of the tickets were three times as much. But what is to be done and so after much humming and hawing I gave in and booked tickets for the next flight. But if you think the story ends here you are mistaken for our already extended wait was increased when the flight seemed to have the wrong number of people on it and they had to go through the manifest individually until they realized we were the right number. Oh travelling how I love thee!

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