Monday, September 26, 2011

Halfway through and feeling inspired

            Half way through and things are looking up, partly because I have been able to see all of my work mates as a reflection of myself and a  way to learn about the things I hide from myself and partly because I have made a new friend. His name is Fernando and he is a squirrel. I had noticed him before in passing but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized he was following me around. First I found him down at the beach, where he nearly scared me to death thinking it was a bear, then I found him inside the kitchen and then at the back door trying to get in again. I now see him everywhere and with a bold stare as he walks up to greet me.

Well I feel it is time to tell you about the camp that Fernando and I share throughout our quiet days. It is literally a young boy’s wet dream, super camp extraordinaire. It was originally a junior ranger camp in the 70s-90s where no doubt many boys and a few girls (judging from the pictures) had an amazing time. But if they had of has Grant Brodeur as their camp manager they would have had the best time of there lives. Grant, our esteemed host has truly made his dream camp come to life.

There are 5 main cabins, with standard double rooms and lovely wooden decks, there is a rec hall and classroom with a 50”+ flat screen, vcr, dvd and satellite TV, a heated wash house with smoking hot showers and full laundry, the kitchen with everything I could possibly want including internet access and a supreme stereo system with speakers on the deck which over looks the lake and above the bbq (now I have never seen a bbq like this it has 8 burners and an electronic spit and will hit 800c in 10 mins). There is the lake with a pontoon boat, catamaran, speed boat, dock slide and my favourite a wood burning sauna. Nothing like a hot sauna and a jump in the lake before bed!! We also have a trampoline, various sporting thins, and a gas pump and it is all run on solar energy. I have turn Jenny on for a few hours in the morning and sometimes night but that is it. Amazing!! When the apocalypse comes I would like to be at a place like this.

So those are our digs and I am sure you would like to know what else I have been creating in the kitchen. Well lets see last night I treated everyone to a tasty little Korean meal with chamchi chijae (tuna kimchi soup), bulgogi (beef) and sam gap sal (three layered fatty pork), veggies tossed with vermicelli and some sesame beans with homemade kimchi. Tonight is wing night with hot, jerk and sesame buffalo wings, chicken soup with some partridge the guys hunted, salad, fries, homemade bread and blueberry pie and of course beer ;)

On another note I have also been cooking up some ideas in the kitchen like what am I going to do when I leave this glorious place with my pockets full of money well I have decided. I am going back to Africa. I have signed up for wwoofing independent and have sent off a few messages to farms in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa and Morocco. We will see which ones works out best but if everything goes as planned I will be off some time mid to late- October and return sometime in late February or early march. What better way to start the beginning of my thirtieth year and complete my first Saturn return than in the continent that I love most.

Much love, light and laughter to you all

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