Monday, October 26, 2009

Finishing school and giving back in the desert

After my last email i am sure you all are beginning to think i am a shopping addict and may never return home as i will owe too much money to seedy jewel sellers in the back streets of Jaipur. But have no fear i have broken myself away and am seeking salvation. These three weeks in Jaipur have been amazing. The school has been incredible and i am bursting with info to share. Our host mom was lovely and put up with us coming and going. Diwali was a blast and shopping was to die for.

My experience in learning and experiencing Ayurveda to it's full extent has left me wanting more and more. The simplicity of it all is amazing. It is stuff we all know and yet have forgotten in our busy and crazy lives. I hope that i can bring some of this magical wisdom to all of you and everyone else in the west. To stay healthy and happy so little is required and yet we get such major benefit. Just through identifying our own nature and not that of the herd, we can maintain our health through diet, herbs and the right exercises for us. We are all so unique and must recognise this. I will definitely be continuing my studies who knows how far.

As i spoke of at the beginning of this mail we have chosen to seek salvation from the devils within. Our original plan was to travel for the next 5.5 wks to the south of India but as we have both realized, first from our experience in south east asia and now here, we are not the backpacking types. We long for connection and sharing, to give back to this amazing place. So after a weekend full of research and many emails sent off to NGOs we have found just the place for us. It is called Sambhali trust and was started in Jodhpur originally with just a few women learning skills and basic english it has now turned into a training centre for the lowest caste, a scholarship program for disadvantaged girls and a school for girls and women in a small desert village called Setrawa.

So now we find ourselves in Jodhpur after a long bus ride at an amazing guest house which is also home to the training centre. Govind the man in charge is quite the character, all business and all smiles. The project seems perfect for us. As we only have five weeks we will be doing mainly projects with the girls to help them develop unity, self esteem and independence. It is a very traditional village, so it should be very interesting to experience. I look so forward to going out into the desert to dance under the stars and live a simple life. In the mean time you can check it out here

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