Monday, October 12, 2009

Astrology, Ayurveda and Abhyanga

Our time at the ashram is over and in order to top off our amazing experience in Uttarkhand we went on our second last day to visit Prateek the astrologer in Rishikesh (thanks again Adrian!!) Prateek is (i believe though it may have been longer) the 32nd generation of astrologer in his family, his fore-fathers having read the stars since the 7th century. Vedic astrology is slightly different than western as it is much more ancient beginning before a major transformation in the skies, which alas i forget the name of at the moment. In Vedic Astrology i am not an Aquarius as i always believed but a capricorn, my moon is not in pisces but aquarius and my ascendant is in virgo not libra. What does this all mean you ask, well a great many things. In fact the things that Prateek told me based up my charts were amazing; my parents were menat to go in seperate ways, i have a step-brother, i have more tattoos on my right side, the list goes on. Of course all of this was in the past, so what of my future, well as many of these things go it is stuff you already knew deep down inside but need an added boost to remember. I am very creative and will succeed greatly in this field, I would be great in any therapy work and should definitely not live in Canada (big suprise). I think my favourite part though was of my previous life, in which i was the third life of a muslim man and had a very hard and repressed life, Therefore my karma in this life is to enjoy as much as i want!!! Can't argue with that now can we. There was much more but i will save that for a time i see you alone and If any of you come to Rishikesh you must go and visit him.

Now we find ourselves in Jaipur studying hard and it hardly seems possible a week has gone by. Our school Chakrapani Ayurveda is amazing. The staff are wonderful and the information is inspirational. Each morning we have 1.5 hrs of theory dealing with the basics, diet, herbs, doshas, panchakarma...... Then 2.5 hrs of practicals in which we get an example massage performed on us and then we practice on each other. How can you go wrong with two massages a day!? So far we have learned head, foot, spine, face and full body massage. I am sure you are now all dying for me to get home to give you all a massage ;) I would love to tell you more about all of this but i am afraid you may get bored, so you can wait until you experience it in person.

I also decided to get another consultation and do some panchakarma (cleansing) while i was here and had a good reliable place. So every afternoon Anita my therapist comes and finds me in the classroom and she procedes to give me 2.5-4hrs of treatment. Each session includes Abhyanga (oil or powder massage), swedana (sweating either in a chamber or by a heated bolus), ear oiling, Basti (oil or decoction enema) and a special therapy (pain relieving oil on my hip or knee, eye oiling, shirodhara). It is all very enjoyabole except perhaps the decoction enema which gives major cramping in order to remove all the built up Ama (toxins) in the colon. All in all it is making me feeling amazing, though a little tired as detoxs usually do.

As for Jaipur, I can;t say alot yet. We have been so busy we have had no time to see the city. I finish my panchakarma on friday just in time for divali and we will go and wonder through the lights of the city.

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