Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scooter Adventures

So i bought a cute pink scooter on saturday. She is a feisty thing with 125cc, easily capable of going 100km/hr. I haven't made it past 80 yet though that is scary enough with the insane drivers and curvy roads that exist on this little island. She is a real awesome ride. She has more of a vespa styling to her and i am planning on painting something on her front (maybe a lotus flower). After that i will give her an official name but i am waiting till i have decked her out and i can see her full personality.

After i bought her on saturday we went on a cruise down the 1136 which is a beautiful windy road around mt. halla with lots of farms and forested areas. I can not say how enjoyable it was to cruise down the highway with my hair blowing madly in the wind under my pretty pink helmet. I screamed for awhile and then sang and then just listened to the wind whip by. As a person who has never actually owned her own vehicle, this is truly an awesome pleasure. Then somewhere along the way i ended up on the 1115, i think, which unto my knowledge was the horse district and i got to see the magnificient horses that live on the island. I have been hoping to go on a horse tour around the island and now i know where to go :) This road was even more rural and was a real treat. I have a feeling it will be my mission to keep away from all the main roads as much as i possibly can. Not just because people are crazy drunken tv watching drivers here, but because it is so much prettier on the side roads. I eventually came up a great big satellite dish which peaked my interest and i had to check it out and it ended up being the astronomy centre. So i hopped off my little bike and went inside. To my delight it cost me only 50 cents to explore the centre with use of telescopes and a planetarium show included. It was awesome and so random.

The following day i decided to try and take some of the water front roads. So i went down to Oedalgae, a park with these incredible lava rock formations and i climbed out on to one peak and listened to the waves crash against the shore and spent some serious time feeling truly connected with the earth. Which i must admit, it has been awhile. After my fill of sun and wind, I hoped back on my scooter and she took me off to Yakcheunsa, which is the most beautiful buddhist temple. It is supposedly one of the largest in Korea with four stories and possibly one of the biggest buddha statue collections in the world. I am talking thousands and thousands and thousands, it is really quite something. The piece de resistance is of course the three golden buddhas in the main room which tower above you and for a mere 10 000 won you can give them each a bag of rice. I probably spent at least 2 hours there and it has inspired me to begin doing a temple stay a month at a different temple each month. Between that and kuk sool won i think i will be set for physical/mental/spiritual exercise.

But for now my little scooter is parked for the week, except to take me to kuk sool won. I hope everyone is well out there. I love you all!!!!!

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