Thursday, May 6, 2010

Midwest mind

And so the New Orleans dream has ended and after a 13 hr drive through Lousiana, Mississippi, Tennesse, Arkansas and Missouri, I find myself in the Midwest of the USA, In the state that boasts the highest rates of meth use, bestiality and formerly the KKK. To be precise I am in the university town of Columbia, Missouri visiting my dear consort Justin whom I met in Korea. Now it is not as bad as it all seems being a university town (well city really pop: 100 000) it is rather liberal for the midwest or so Justin says.

Now other than visiting Justin and living the Midwest lifestyle I find myself wondering what the hell am I going to do in this strange little place and so I am going to give myself a project to work on during my weeks here while Justin attempts to learn Spanish. What will this project be you ask, well I am debating between trying to figure out all the options of things there are to do in the fall, What fun spending time you don’t know what to do with planning for time in the future you don’t know what to do with. Or option two researching different dietary practices and the benefits and concerns associated with them. As I will inevitably spend time on option one, I will choose option two to keep my brain working and to learn something new.

My general idea at the moment is to spend a week at a time looking at each different idea and so I will focus on Veg/vegan, Raw, Macrobiotic, Ancient nourishing traditions and ???? And so I delve.

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