Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madrid- entering the western world

What a place to re-enter the Western world after being in Asia for a year and a half. After more than 24 hrs of being in Transit, we finally landed in madrid at around midnight and were greeted by the shining face of Cristina. I must admit that at this point Madrid seemed so clean and quiet compared to what i had been living, though the apartments are equally as tiny and the people equally as well dressed as in Korea.

At first I must admit Madrid was like Candy to me, clothing stores that carried my size and would actually let me try things on (though they were way too expensive), people dressed in all black with banger hair and steel toed boots, really amazing coffee (although not enough cafes, Madrid is no Paris), street performers of all sorts and beautiful old architecture. Oh the pleasures the Western world provides.

We spent most of our time sleeping, cooking and eating amazing food and walking around admiring the scenery. Fortunately Madrid is not too cold in December though after over six months of hot weather even +10 seems cold. One of the most shocking things i think i noticed was the fact that there were actually more people on the pacted downtown streets then i had experienced in Korea or India. I supposed it was almost christmas but it was absolutely crazy making. I did notice however that people were much colder in Madrid than i had experienced since Korea. One of the things i loved so much about India and most of the developing world is just how friendly and talkative people are. I wonder where we lost this ability to be friendly and care for our neighbours.

All in all Madrid was lovely. a perfect place to stop before going back to Canada, slowly adjusting to the temperature and the Western world. I am so thankful to Cristina and Igor for putting us up.

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