Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Korea

Time is coming to an end swiftly and though i have been urging it forward i find that i am sad that it is finally here, only one week left. After a year i view Korea in a new light. My dislikes and aggravations are no longer bothering me and i see the things i like. I still do not think i will return other than maye for a short time but who knows.

I will always remeber Jeju fondly and remeber all that i have learned here. I never thought i could stand up in front of a room full of people and talk to them, now it is easy as pie. I have spent good solid time with myself and discovered more about what i want to do. I have realized i can not live in a place without music and dance. I have learned how similiar and yet different a culture can be to my own. I have learned to appreciate many things and see the world in a new light. I have met amazing people and will hold them in my heart, as will i this island. This magical pace full of natures raw energy steep volcanic cliffs, huge wave, beautiful flowers, every shade of green imaginable. thank you, Thank you, thank you. I am so blessed!!!!!!!!

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