Friday, January 9, 2009

Ringing in a new year

The end of 2008 was a most memorable one. Of course i was living in Korea, but little did i realize that that would cause me to suffer from the worst food poisoning of my life in a Korean hospital. Well it wasn't that bad as hospitals are quite fascinating places and all my little old lady roomies took great pity on me esp since i could not eat. I am not entirely sure where the food poisoning came from, maybe the japanese restaurant. It was really nasty beginning on sunday in the middle of the night and lasting pretty much until i had arrived in Vietnam. My first two days were spent mainly in my bathroom and i will save your from those details. By the time i crawled into the hospital with some help from my friend darryl i hadn't eaten or drank anything in two days and was so thirsty. Originally i was just thinking i would be given some fluids to rehydrate and go home later that day. But no in korea they are keen on loading you up on all sorts.

So i was admitted, tested and hooked up to an IV of antibiotics and rehydration fluids in a mere 45 mins. My room consisted of 8 beds mainly filled with Ajummas (older woman) and one other young woman. They were all exceptionally curious about me and tried jibbering at me in Korean. When that didn't work they asked the nurses. My first day was rather boring but i was so out of it, it didn't really matter and fortunately i had many visitors. When it came to sleep though my problems seemed to get worse. As i had been in and out of sleep all day i found it very hard to go to sleep with bright lights glaring down at me and the tv turned up full blast drilling horrendous korean into my incredibly headachy and dehydrated brain. I don't know what time it all finally ended but the next thing i know it was 5am and i was being pumped full of more antibiotics. There was something about these antibiotics that caused my arm to burn intensely.

Fortunately by 11am i was feeling much better and couldn't wait to get out of this place. After my test results came back saying there was no extending damage from the food poisoning i asked my doctor to go home. She said yes, thank god as i couldn't handle another night in that place, esp new years eve. So i finally made it home around 3pm and rested until 9 when i attempted to get ready to go out, alas i was so tired after a shower and putting some clothes on. I couldn't do it, so i spent the night at home relaxing and i am very happy i did, as it might have ruined my holiday.

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