Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Couchsurfing and mainlanders continued

If you can believe it i actually have more to talk about. In a mere three days of visitors i did more than i have in the past month. But don't fear it is only one more day i shall tell you about. After our wet and wild day, Karen and i were pleased to arise to a slightly less wet day. After all we were supposed to go horseback riding and Master Oh said no riding if it was raining. So we tried to convince him it wasn't "really" raining out, but you can not fool a master and he said "no, but he would take us to the mongolian horse show". Naturally this does sound possibly way cooler than going on horseback, well at least if you are going to a place that is going to let you walk around in circles and so after a little debating we decided to go. Now a day with Master Oh is not a normal day we soon found out.

We met him and rob at the dojang to find out that master oh had to go to a funeral and rob was going to go and get taped by a woman in jeju-si and in there somewhere we were going to the horse show. So we piled into the van and set off on a very round about way to the show. We arrived just in time for the 10:50 show and we hurried in as master oh took off to his funeral. The show was friggin wicked. It is quite a large troupe of mongolian gypsys. There must of been about 15-20 of them, ranging from teenage boys to young men to young women and one middle aged man. The proceed to dazzle us with their horse controlling powers and incredible balance. The best part would probably be the horse acrobatics done to really insanely fast techno music from the 90's or perhaps the radical hairdos worn by the young men (imagine a mullet with bangs, except the part where the hair was supposed to be short was completely shaved off, i know WOW). We left the arena just as Master Oh was pulling up. He had been to the funeral said hi given some money and come to meet us. He informed us at this time that the woman who does the injury taping was busy and so we began to drive around randomly to different ranches saying hello to Master Oh's friends. This turned out to be to our advantage as we got to go horseback riding after all. Of course as previously mentioned it was a beginners place with very lazy horses that only went in a circle but it was still a hoot and probably nice for Karen's first time riding.

After our random visits Master Oh said he would be going to the archery club. What good luck Karen has, literally all of the things she wanted to do which you would think would not happen in the rain did happen; go-karting, horseback riding, archery. So we were taken to the kuk sool archery club and we got to play with the bows and not shoot any arrows. Well we got to shoot one it was attached to a rope so you could pull it back in. Now this kind of archery is not like any other i have ever done. The asian arrows are far longer than the ones we use, therefore it takes way more strength to pull this massive bow string back. It is an incredible arm work out.

Now our day did not end here. We returned home and got dressed and i took Karen to the big city. We went to Bagdad and ate delicious (as always) indian food and then we met up with some friends and went to the dome. Neither karen or annie had ever been to such a place as the dome. It really is unlike any other bar i have been in (outside of korea) and this time the roof opened. Despite the generally terrible music this place is just awesome. The people are hilarious, Koreans love to drink and dance (when they have been drinking). The bar that night was filled with Ajummas (middle aged women) and boy did they enjoy us they were trying to grind with us and i had one woman who kept on trying to hump my leg like a dog. It was a riot. There was even an old man, i'm talking 70 something, on the dance floor dancing with us. Oh i am never disappointed when i go to the dome.

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