Sunday, October 12, 2008

And The Seogi Pirates were formed

It was a beautiful day and after a pleasant ride threw the ambling side streets of jeju-do, four foreigners find themselves at the ocean. Filled with life, teaming with fish, flowing back and forth. The four climb off their bikes and sun themselves on the concrete peer. As the sun warms there skin and they wonder in thought, an idea beings to grow in their helmeted heads. What could we do, where could we go if we were to join together. And thus the Seogi Porates were born. On their trusted, though perhaps slightly decrepid, scooters and motorcycles they will wonder this island striking fear into those who get in their way and lust into the hearts of those who are crazy enough to romanticize about a band of bike pirates.

This formation has guided me toward finding a name for my beautiful pink scooter, who will from this day forth be known as ISIS (after the egyptian goddess). Isis was seen as a great mother and wife, patron of nature and magic; friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, listener of prayers, and as the goddess of simplicity, from whom all beginnings arose. I chose this name as Isis will be my vessel for venturing out into nature, performing magical rites and, of course, helping those sinners, slaves and artisans out there.

As for my own pirate name it shall be "lysistrata (which means liberation army in latin) of the low". For my task shall be to befriend and liberate the lowly of the world. Through nature and the magic it gives me i will help break the shackles that bind people to their oppressors and prevent them from being free.

I promise to uphold this noble mission and serve my fellow pirates. All ye who stand in our way will perish by our hands.

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