Saturday, June 14, 2008

KiPepeo June 07

We have officially found paradise here. Yesterday we decided to go and track down a beach, so we asked our mwalimu (teacher) Mama Jengo which was the best and she told us to go to Kupepeo. After doing some errands we started our journey, which was rather long and amusing. First, we took the daladala to the ferry which took about 30 mins and involved me being hit on by one of the bus employees for the millionth time. It is funny at first I really loved the attention but now it is just becoming annoying and creepy. What really topped the pile is once we got to the ferry a random very poor guy came up and sat beside me saying “because I, because I” and started kissing my shoulder and tried to kiss me. Fortunately I found out what to say next time from Mama Jengo. The ferry ride continued to be crazy as our boat slowly pooled out did a full circle and then pulled up to the beach, at which point everyone jumped off and went running to the next ferry which had just pulled up. Fortunately we just made that ferry and had a uneventful ride to the other side of the harbour. Once we got there we got a cab to the beach and the mad journey was immediately forgotten. The sand was so fine and soft, almost like sugar and the water was so warm. The beach is lined with palm trees and certain sections have fancy huts from hotels. It was definitely a different vibe though with lots of white people and everything was calm and clean. But it was so worth it we swam around in the water for over an hour amongst tiny little jellyfish and then we dried off for a while before the sun went down. I can’t wait to return on the weekend and spend a whole day there.

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